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Hello! My name is Sharita Bent and I am a highly qualified and certified teacher. With more than 20 years of experience in the education industry, I specialize in classroom instruction, private tutoring, and curriculum development. I work with students and professionals in the public, private, and homeschool sector. Book your education consultation here:

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“…What a mentor you have been in my life. You help me chase my dream and open my eyes to new truths. You have a special place in my heart now and always! Thank you for teaching me. Much love!” -Victoria Sherrill

“Mrs. Bent was and is the best teacher I ever had. Her patience, warm heart, and passion for engaging with students is unmatched. She didn’t just teach me composition, she taught me the value of character and making sure others are truly heard.” -Clary Hurst

“Mrs. Bent was patient with students and believed in their writing. She brought joy and fun to her classroom and made each student feel important. I felt that I not only had a teacher who was invested in my learning, but I also had a friend.”  -Shanna Murphy

“Mrs. Bent was my teacher through most of my high school life. She watched me bloom from a very awkward home-schooler with rocket ships on her face to a senior with a graduation plan. When Mrs. Bent got a hold of me I had absolutely ZERO self-confidence in my writing skills and absolutely no idea how to even form an essay, but after just one year, I went from 70/100 to asking ways to make up extra credit. Because of Mrs. Bent, I graduated with over 6 English credits. My senior year I think I took 4 of her classes alone. She taught me how to excel in my strong suits, and how to build foundations with my weaknesses. She is literally the only teacher (my mother included) who let me ramble about my Original Characters during lunch hour, let me gush about “the cute new boy” (and even rearranged the seating chart to put me beside him), and helped me talk out typical high school drama. She not only gave me way too many English credits, she gave me the self-confidence as the writer and woman I am today. Now, because of her, I am the author of an upcoming book series and I am the author of a Webcomic. And, I ended up marrying that Cute Boy.  Mrs. Bent is by far, the best teacher you could ever ask for.”  -Katie Hull