Hello! My name is Sharita Bent and I am a motivational speaker. I bring high energy, insight, and joy to every event. I have experience speaking on a variety of topics and my goal is always to uplift, encourage, and inspire others.  My topics include Transitions, Awakening, Being Your Best Self,  Acceptance, Grief & Joy, Forgiveness, Hope, and Love.  I enjoy customizing topics for groups as well.  Book a time to tell me more about your organization and your event here:

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“She has deeply inspired me with her powerful, inspiring singing coupled with her motivational speaking. She stirs the soul to take confident action NOW. Book her!!” -Tim Redmond

“Sharita exudes joy and peace everywhere she goes. Her radiant smile captures your heart and puts you at ease. This creative and talented young woman has a passion for sharing through word and song. She has discovered how to make life an adventure in spite of circumstances!”   -Cindy Bartz

“Sharita is truly an amazing woman! She is a talented singer, inspirational speaker, and a gifted motivator. I encourage women at any age to learn from her life-changing insight and realistic steps to living a more fulfilling life.”   -Tristy Fryer

“Every time I see or hear Sharita, I think of “pure joy.”  She has that ability to make you laugh and think about what she has said all at the same time.  I love her sweet, servant heart, too.”    -Valerie Jones

“Sharita brings a dynamic, positive energy to the room when she arrives!  Her voice lifts the soul and points the listener to God. Honesty and truth spring forth from her wise words. All who hear her are greatly encouraged and catch her joy!”   -Kathy Key

“I have known Sharita since her freshman year in college, but I did not get to know her until my sophomore year when she relocated to the same hallway where I lived. Nearly twenty years later, I can honestly say she is still the same, and that is a good thing! Her laugh can still be heard across zip codes, and to hear it makes you wish you could experience something so funny. It also gives you no choice but to follow suit, so you find yourself laughing with her. When Sharita tells a story, you become enthralled with the wit, humor, honesty, and vivid details she uses. You can appreciate her candor, while also feeling privileged to witness her vulnerability. Her willingness to expose herself so that others will realize they are not alone is refreshing. She embraces her imperfections through hilarious anecdotes and “aha” moments, which cause her to be reflective and wiser going forward.”   -Kara Rae Crump