Hello! I am Sharita Bent, a brand advisor, marketing strategist, and personal consultant. If you work with me, I will help you get the results you desire and provide the proven strategies and support needed to achieve your goals, walk fully in your purpose, and achieve success – whatever that means to you. I provide encouragement, support, insight, motivation, proven strategies, and accountability. I develop a personal and customized plan that fits your unique goals and needs. Through personal growth, development coaching, and proven strategies, I help you self-actualize and live at your highest and best self. Book your consult:

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“She has always pointed me in the right direction… She has never given me any bad advice. I bet she could make millions off of her advice… I admire her.”  -Josh Newton

“Spend time with Sharita.   She will help you reveal the greatest version of yourself.  Her diverse gifts and talents have shaped her into a bright and steady beacon… offering others inspired ways to create their own path.”   -Laura Francis

“Sharita is a voice of truth in a world that seems to struggle with finding it. As a leader and as a manager, she is effective because she is 100% committed to concepts of accountability and diligence. Sharita is a source of wisdom and influence.”   -Clay Clark (Former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and my mentor/teacher)

“Sharita swoops in to save the day! She’s organized, well rounded, and knows how to create solutions for problems that seem too big to handle she is super energetic and has a positive attitude.”    -Nikki Warren

“Sharita has insight into life and her personality is motivating and exuberant. Along with her expertise and talent, she is a great addition to any meeting, project or program. Sharita has solid organization and management skills, and on a personal note, her friendship and loyalty have blessed me tremendously.  You cannot find a truer friend.”   -Dr. Dinah Manns

“Sharita Bent is one of the most encouraging and inspirational individuals… she is always willing to lift others spirits and encourage them to follow their heart.” -Teresa Emery

“Sharita’s best attributes are immediately apparent upon meeting her.  She is the very definition of affable: pleasant, easy to approach and talk to, showing warmth and friendliness to everyone.She has a very humble and easygoing way about her but at the same time is conscientious, diligent, and professional.  Her keen observation skills combined with wisdom and discernment made it easy to trust and follow her leadership.”   -Christy Potter White

“Sharita was super supportive of me and always willing to help any way she could… She is compassionate, thoughtful and always has a kind and loving heart.  I am so thankful…”    -Shari Bible

“Sharita is brilliant, hilarious, and extremely talented. She has the innate ability to make you feel like she’s been your best friend for as long as you can remember. She’s kind, a wonderful listener, and motivates those around her. She’s able to inspire you to go for what you want and gives you confidence in your abilities.”   -Lauren Crabtree