I used to think cats were devils. I thought I was just a dog person, but now two cats have my heart. This cat is one of them. She sings with me — very loudly every single day. I can tell that she really wants her turn at the mic.

We adopted her a year ago (almost one year after our beloved dog died) and I can see so many things about myself through her. She’s been mistreated (for no good reason by whoever had her before us), but she still keeps showing up and doing her absolute best each day. She is very smart, super sweet, and straight up sassy. She will definitely let you know when she’s had enough, and if she is overwhelmed, she will take a beat to get herself together and emerge again when she is ready. It is so hard to get into her inner circle, but once you are in, you’re a lifer. If you break her trust, she can forgive you, but it will be so hard for her to ever trust you again. She may come around, but it will take so much time.

She is a sweetheart, but don’t even think about coming for her — unless you want (to lose) the fight of your life. She will fight so hard for what is right and for what she loves. She has indestructible and incorruptible inner strength, a deep awareness and discernment for true north, and (by the grace of God) she always lands on her feet. She is broken and brave. She is resilient and strong. She is a fierce little warrior, a survivor, and every day she is becoming a thriver. As I’ve watched her and interacted with her each day, I’ve come to understand her more and more. This cat, Cookie, is my manifesto.


My name is Sharita and I am a singer, writer, speaker, and life coach. I sing, write, and speak about great despair, hope against all odds, and unconditional love. I change and positively impact the world with the power of my voice.