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Hello!  I am Sharita! 

I am a singer + songwriter and I am here to change and positively impact the world with the power of my voice. Any time I sing, I know that there is a rejuvenating and encouraging force working through me to uplift, energize, and bring light to others. I have found a path that has captured my heart and I am going to follow it to the end.



Bio Options | Sharita Bent: 

Whimsical Bio: Sharita is a soulful singer and dynamic songwriter. She is sincere, intense, animated, sensitive, and eccentric. She is Sanguine-Choleric, which means she enjoys having fun and being the boss.  Sharita is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, deep-thinker, lifelong learner, and truth teller.  Journals, belly laughs, stars, mustangs, and salted caramel anything make her smile… Devoted Wife & Mom, Cherished Daughter, Sassy Sister, Powerhouse Singer, Reflective Songwriter, and Loyal Friend… Sharita Bent

Super Short Bio: Happily (most of the time!) married to her college sweetheart; Mama to one incredible kiddo and one feisty cat; Soulful singer, passionate songwriter, lifelong learner and deep thinker… Sharita Bent

Customary Bio:  Sharita Bent is a soulful singer/songwriter with impressive range, a loving wife, devoted mom, strong-willed daughter, truth-telling sister, courageous human being, and loyal friend.  She is Sanguine Choleric, which means she likes to have fun and she knows how to take charge and lead the way, if necessary.  Genuinely enthusiastic, eternally optimistic, outrageously sincere, and seriously honest… Sharita Bent

“Sharita has a voice that rings out like a bell. She can nail the deep and soulful sounds and then jump up into the rafters like Whitney. She has a powerful yet effortless sound with shimmering effect in her upper register.” -Cheray Smith

“Angelic vocalist… just an amazing voice.” – Sarah Jones

“Beautiful singer who is so inspiring! I cannot wait to watch her perform again!” -Tristy Fryer

“She’s got pipes! It’s like an Etta James and Alicia Keys mash-up!” -Dan McKenna

“Phenomenal voice!” -Annie Johnson

“Adore her voice, so beautiful!” -Daisy Capeheart

“Even after hearing her sing for 15 years, I still get goosebumps and feel every note in my spirit. She is truly a masterclass and rises to every occasion. Her work ethic is also unsurpassed!” -O’Neil Bent

“When you sing, we melt.” -Laura Francis

“Sharita has an incredible voice. I want to hear her MORE often!! Her beautiful voice is matched only by her beautiful spirit!” -Sharon Braner

“She will leave any audience in awe.” -Aleks Parker

“Her talent goes unmatched.” -Gabby Leon

“She connects with people, no matter the audience. I highly recommend her for your event!”  -Sara DeNeui

“Love her voice and her spirit!”  -Vanessa Clark

“I was moved by her voice.”  -Ian Dooley

“Sharita Bent’s voice has got soul. If I could be more like someone I know it would be Sharita. Her spirit burns bright and her soul is GOOD. And you can hear this in her voice. Behind Sharita Bent’s powerful voice is an obstacle conquering, positive thinking, real woman, with real problems, and a strong mind. Her voice is truly her gift and the beautiful person that she is only makes that gift more enjoyable. My heart races and my spirit is lifted every time I hear her singing.”  -Mel Wright

“She has been an inspiration for my team many times over and I cannot recommend her enough.”  -Devin Woolery

“An extraordinary person and incredible performer!”  -Kat Stockdall

“Not only does she have a beautiful voice but she’s a very kind woman who will make you feel right at home– like you’re best friends as soon as you meet. I would definitely suggest anyone use her for any event when a phenomenal voice is needed.” -Carter Watts

“Sharita is happy, soulful, authentic, amazing, insightful, talented, and real. She shines!”  -Dorea Potter

“Her voice is on point!” -Sam Parker

“The first time I heard Sharita sing I got goosebumps and about passed out from amazement. Then we had her sing at my daughter’s wedding, to bring a magical few moments to a special day. I highly highly recommend her!” -Holly Tumpkin

“She is amazing!” -Paul Mathurin

“Her voice is the sweetest yet most captivating sound! I’m truly won over by her music!!”  -Angie Hawkins

“I have both seen and heard her perform with accompaniment and acapella and she never ceases to amaze me.”  -Tony Francis

“You would be wise to add her to your event.”  -Rae Heath

“I follow her on Facebook and every time I get the chance I’m listening to her sing. Very passionate and talented!”  -Cody Frost

“She has the voice of an angel.”  -Robert Innis

“I was blown away by her talent!”  -Kelsey Harshmann