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Hello!  I am Sharita! 

I am a singer + songwriter and I am here to change and positively impact the world with the power of my voice. I am committed to being my best self and fully showing up in truth and power. I hope to inspire you to be your best self as well.  I have found a path that has captured my heart and I am going to follow it to the end.



Bio Options | Sharita Bent: 

Whimsical Bio: Sharita is a soulful singer and dynamic songwriter. She is sincere, intense, animated, sensitive, and eccentric. She is Sanguine-Choleric, which means she enjoys having fun and being the boss.  Sharita is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, deep-thinker, lifelong learner, and truth teller.  Journals, belly laughs, stars, mustangs, and salted caramel anything make her smile… Devoted Wife & Mom, Cherished Daughter, Sassy Sister, Powerhouse Singer, Reflective Songwriter, and Loyal Friend… Sharita Bent

Super Short Bio: Happily (most of the time!) married to her college sweetheart; Mama to one incredible kiddo and one feisty cat; Soulful singer, passionate songwriter, lifelong learner and deep thinker… Sharita Bent

Customary Bio:  Sharita Bent is a recognized singer/songwriter, loving wife, devoted mom, strong-willed daughter, truth-telling sister, courageous human being, and loyal friend.  She is Sanguine Choleric, which means she likes to have fun and she knows how to take charge and lead the way, if necessary.  Genuinely enthusiastic, eternally optimistic, outrageously sincere, and seriously honest… Sharita Bent